During 2010-2012 period, our group deployed 2-D seismic array to monitor micro-seismicity in geothermal area, river-induced noise, and surface process (e.g. landslide) especially for Typhoon season. I am quite familiar with A) broadband sensors (e.g. CMG-6TD and 40T) and B) short-period sensor (KVS-300). 

A. Broadband sensorsGuralp System
●   Quick view CMG-6TD
●   Seismic monitoring software manuscript
●   Instrument manuscript
●   Installation of CMG-6TD created by Vvn Weian Chao

●  Quick view CMG-40T

B. Short-period sensorKINKEI System
●  Quick view KVS-300
●  Data logger EDR-7700

C. Micro electro-mechanical sensorSanlien

Comparison between KVS-300 and CMG-6TD in Chinese, created by Vvn Weian Chao